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National Senior Games

National Senior Games in Albuquerque, NM provided good competition and entertainment in an environment that was welcoming for athletes and spectators. I went to participate in swimming and triathlon, but also enjoyed watching athletes compete in a number of different sports. Additionally, my wife and I had a great time experiencing the culture and cuisine

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Where is your treasure?

I was running one of my favorite early-morning routes and came across a Christmas decoration that caused me to think. So much for a few mindless miles to start the day. Close to the sidewalk, away from the other decorations was a manger. But in place of the baby, there was a cash box nestled

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2018 is a Qualifying Year

People familiar with the National Senior Games understand the significance of qualifying years. The Olympic-styled competitive games for people fifty years and above are held during odd numbered years. To earn an invitation, athletes must qualify at participating state level games the prior year. There is a positive buzz among athletes about Albuquerque, the host

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