Author: Denny K

Tri Harder

Tri Harder Promotions did a great job of providing multi sport athletes of all levels the opportunity to compete in central Illinois. Three races shared the same venue on July 28 with staggered start times. The Stoneman Sprint, Iron Abe Olympic and Route 66 Half Distance races started at Lake Springfield with each distance course

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Yes, I am a distracted runner. Thank you for reminding me. That is not what I thought when I saw your face glowing from the phone you held while navigating your mini-van. I approached the intersection of Main and Salcedo aware of my surroundings and willing to yield to any vehicles present. Regardless of who

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2018 is a Qualifying Year

People familiar with the National Senior Games understand the significance of qualifying years. The Olympic-styled competitive games for people fifty years and above are held during odd numbered years. To earn an invitation, athletes must qualify at participating state level games the prior year. There is a positive buzz among athletes about Albuquerque, the host

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