Managing the Essentials

Cycle at sunrise.

Pandemic has increased work load and decreased available workers in essential supply chain businesses. The challenge was to produce 15% more work with 25% less resources.

Meet with staff, listen to concerns, this is a safe place to vent-let it out, determine needs, develop plans, ask for help, conference call, pose logistic problems, offer possibilities, wait for response, receive encouraging call from CEO, sort some boxes, build orders, eat, conference call, propose solution, flesh out plans, recap plans, finish lunch, microwave that whole cup of coffee that was fresh an hour ago, go back to sorting boxes, stack orders on pallets, talk with associates, one more check of emails, recap day for boss, drive home, walk the dog.

Run at sunset.

This is by no means a complaint. I am grateful to have meaningful work. Likewise it is not meant to compare in any way with the heroic work of those battling this crisis on the front line. Nor is it a dig at those flattening the curve by sheltering in place. It was just a Doublestuffed Oreo kind of a day for someone who likes the cookie better than the cream filling. Together we’ll get through this.


  1. Sounds challenging to be at work, trying to do more with less. Although I’m retired, I do appreciate people who are still at it, making things work. Hang in there!


  2. Thanks man. I really like my job most days. There have been some real challenges recently. But, hey that’s why they call it work. Planning my retirement, but the current situation may change my plans.


  3. Thank you. The bookends helped put the rest of the day’s story into perspective. The licensing audit would be rather unsettling. So much on the line at that one moment that may not reflect every other day of the year. Reading about your care and creativity makes me forget yours is still a regulated service.

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  4. Cycle at sunrise, run at sunset. both of them sound good. The in-between part is just to get from the cycling to the run. Hang in there! This too shall pass! 🙂


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