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Thank You Volunteers

  To the countless volunteers who have made it possible for us to compete in running, cycling, swimming and multi-sport races this season, the caffeinated athlete extends a heartfelt “Thank you”. A Volunteer’s Work It’s no small feat to gather, guide and direct the legions of volunteers each event requires. Starters, timers, judges, course marshals,

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Plan B

Plan B can be a beautiful thing. I signed up for races on three successive weekends in September this year. I knew what I was doing, so I’m not complaining. Questioning my critical thinking skills a bit, but not complaining. Trail of Tears sprint triathlon followed by City of Roses Half Marathon then finish with

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Dutchman’s Dash

The Dutchman’s Dash has all the elements of a great event; impassioned organizers, a worthy cause, universal appeal, community support, and a fun atmosphere. Blaine and Morgan Swinford are the driving force behind the Dutchman’s Dash. They are both very quick to acknowledge and thank the host of volunteers who make the event possible. The

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