Velo Coffee Roasters

Velo is French for bike and Latin for speed. So, I rode my bicycle as fast as I could to the coffee shop located at 509 East Main in the southside historic district of Chattanooga. Velo has a very laid-back vibe for a business with so much going on. Open and airy, the interior allows patrons to see the roasting operation, supplies and storage. In addition to the coffee shop and roastery, Velo also bottles their own cold-brew on site.

The interior features exposed brick and plenty of wood accents. Vintage bicycles decorate the walls. Seating at the bar is complemented by tables sprinkled throughout the building. A very functional patio area expands the seating options quite nicely. Velo does a lot in their space, but they keep the focus on coffee. They maintain high quality and help build community by partnering with local suppliers for dairy and baked goods.

Seeing a Sidecar on their menu board, I ordered one without asking about the components. I noticed the barista extracting coffee with an aeropress and was a bit surprised to see it accompany the espresso for my order. They were both tasty and well-presented. A shot of club soda to cleanse the palate helped me to really enjoy the bright flavor of the fresh-brewed coffee.

Velo is the kind of coffee shop I would frequent regularly if I lived nearby.

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