Major Bean Coffee – Elk City, OK

When planning our trip to Albuquerque, NM, I had selected Clinton, OK as a potential stopping point for our first night on the road. After stopping in El Reno, OK for a quick bite and the cheapest gas of the trip, my wife and I decided to push just a little further west. I hadn’t made a reservation, but knew there was a Hampton Inn in Clinton. Elk City, OK was about a half hour west of Clinton and there was room for us at the Hampton Inn located there.

Elk City, OK proved to be a great location for our first night on the road. The Hampton Inn was comfortable and conveniently located near a good road for cycling and running. The pre-dawn ride on a portion of Route 66 followed by a couple miles of running in the country was a great workout a week before the National Senior Games triathlon.

Breakfast at the hotel featured chocolate batter for the waffle irons. Delicious and totally unexpected. The road back to the interstate took us through town and to Major Bean Coffee and Sandwich Company. The spacious coffee shop is comfortably set in a rehabbed corner building. While Major Bean didn’t fit my profile of a roaster, it was an excellent local choice for coffee. Their kitchen appeared to do a strong business as well.

My wife’s cold brew was delivered quickly while my order of an espresso and a pour-over seemed to be a bit more challenging. In their defense, we did arrive during their morning rush and the staff member knowledgeable of the two brewing methods was helping customers while training the other member of their staff. The delay was a bit of a blessing as we had time to explore many interesting details of the shop.

Unique furnishings and decoration which leaned heavily on antique hardware captured my attention, while my wife found the local history of this once-busy Route 66 stop quite interesting. After being served, we took time to explore further, including the loft area with casual seating and an almost-comical low ceiling. Knowing we still had a significant drive ahead of us, my inclination would be to pack up early and drive hard. Major Bean was good way to start the day with a jolt of caffeine and an extra shot of chill. The coffee was good and the experience was even better.

Part of a series of reviews of coffee shops I visited during a summer road trip from southeast Missouri to Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico for the National Senior Games.


  1. It really is a great location. Very spacious and comfortable. Historic yet still relevant. Nicely done, without being over done. A very welcomed surprise during our trip.


  2. My husband loves to find out of the way coffee shops when we travel too. He’s a coffee enthusiast. Oh, for those fun days on the road. How we took them for granted. Never again!


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