Author: Denny K

Caffeinated Spring Training

Most of my trips to Florida are to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. I usually struggle to find a satisfying cup of coffee in this area. High rent and a transient customer base is not fertile ground for growing a business focused on the bean. I’m not interested in how many flavors of

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Lucky Thirteen

The thirteenth running of the Fly with the Eagles Half Marathon was coincidentally my thirteenth race at the 13.1 mile distance. This was the fourth time I’ve run Fly with the Eagles over the past five years. Located in the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge, the race is about an hour and a half drive

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Spencer’s Coffee

One of the pleasant surprises during a recent trip to Bowling Green, KY was a stop at Spencer’s Coffee. Knowing I would need some caffeine for the long ride home, I selected Spencer’s. The downtown location has an upscale, coffee-shop vibe. Well-appointed and spacious, the shop’s walls are tastefully filled with original artwork, including a

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