Nathan Quick Shot Plus

There is much for me to like about the Nathan Quick Shot Plus hydration flask. The size fits well in my hand with the comfortable strap holding it secure. There is no need to grip it or hold it tight while running. For me the 10-ounce capacity is perfect for runs under 8 miles, making it a great 10K companion.

I prefer the race cap which comes standard on the Quick Shot. No pushing and pulling on the cap, just a quick squeeze delivers hydration directly where I want it. It’s much more satisfying and successful for me than drinking from a cup during races. Plus, I get to choose when to drink.

The zippered pocket is ideal for me. I use it for something almost every time I run. Keys, gels and tissues are the items I carry most frequently. The key fob to my car takes up a lot of space, but is held securely inside the pocket’s elastic pouch. Tissues do get wet during longer summer runs, but what doesn’t. The mesh bottom is great for allowing the pouch to dry after use.

Nathan’s Quick Shot Plus is durable and reliable. I have run an average of 3 times a week with mine for about five years. I have hand-washed it in the sink and shower as well as the top shelf of the dishwasher. The zipper still works well and the Velcro for adjusting the hand strap holds tight. I do adjust the strap to accommodate gloves when the weather cools.

About a year ago, I was running a familiar route in the dark and stumbled on an uneven sidewalk. No, it was more than a stumble. I tripped and fell hard. My right hand and left knee were bloodied. I started to irrigate the wounds with the Quick Shot in my left hand. When I squeezed, water bubbled out around the neck and not through the cap. I don’t know which hurt more, my wounds or the thought of ruining my flask.

After attending to my wounds, I assessed the damaged flask. The cap was offset and scarred from the abrupt contact with the concrete. When I repositioned it on the neck of the flask it sealed. Later, I noticed the side of the flask was a bit roughed up as well. My right hand was a mess of scrapes and flaps of skin from the fall. But my left hand had only two little pocks in areas not covered by the flask. The Quick Shot survived the impact and saved my hand.

Well-designed, sensibly sized, durable and practical, the Nathan Quick Shot Plus is a very capable running companion. It provides me the necessary hydration as well as room for other essentials in an easy to wear, strapped flask.


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