Nordaggios Coffee – Tulsa, OK

Nordaggios on Lewis Ave. in Tulsa, OK was our first coffee shop stop on our trip to New Mexico for the National Senior Games in the summer of 2019. One of my goals for the trip was to support local shops that roasted their own beans as often as possible.

Roasting appeared to be the main focus of the coffee shop located near Tulsa’s Oral Roberts University. Several bags of green coffee beans were stored in the comfortable retail area. Roasting operations were located in the back room of the repurposed retail space. Several single-origin beans were offered for sale near the service counter.

Being located near to my aunt’s home made this shop our one stop as we passed through Tulsa. It was great to catch up with Aunt Marcia since it had been at least twenty years since we had seen each other. She is one of the most vibrant, outgoing people in my extended family, which she confirmed by singing happy birthday to a young man she met in line at the coffee shop.

I ordered a sidecar which featured an espresso and a dry cappuccino. The barista struggled a bit to find an appropriate glass for the club soda that accompanied the espresso. The pallet cleanser was a new inclusion to me, but one that I have come to appreciate since then. Others in our group had brewed coffee and a cappuccino.

A variety of seating options included community tables, counter spaces, smaller tables, and upholstered furniture. The interior was best described as college casual. Patio tables and chairs extended the seating onto the sidewalk outside the strip mall location.

The shop was busy during our early-afternoon visit. The counter help appeared less knowledgeable or helpful than I would prefer, but the coffee was good. I feel like Nordaggios could be a favorite coffee shop if I lived nearby. The variety and volume of beans roasted on site, coupled with comfortable, laid-back vibe of the shop have me looking forward to another opportunity to visit the Tulsa coffee shop.

One in a series of reviews of coffee shops I visited during a summer road trip from southeast Missouri to Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico for the National Senior Games.


    • It is a comfortable, unpretentious place that appeared to cater to the college crowd. But our group was well beyond that in years and three-fourths of our group felt welcomed. Definitely a place to hang out.

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  1. From a very brief visit, it looked like they could scale expenses to keep things rolling on a limited volume. But I didn’t look at the balance sheet. Definitely will miss a big part of their appeal if people can’t take advantage of the laid-back surroundings. How are you doing? Was a bit concerned about your health after your past few posts.


  2. Be ready for a funny look as not every shop offers it. I’ve found the constant to be the shot of espresso, the other drink has been cappuccino, latte, or even a brewed coffee. If I’m feeling particular, I’ll ask the barista. Otherwise, its fun to order and see what I get!


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