Mean Mug Coffee

During my first day in Chattanooga, I did some shopping in the North Shore area where I found Mean Mug Coffeehouse. My schedule didn’t allow time to fully experience the coffee shop. But I did stop by the Mean Mug which is in a retail area bordered by the Tennessee River and established neighborhoods.

Coffee for the two Chattanooga Mean Mug shops is roasted in-house at the North Shore location. There was a nice selection of single-origin beans at the service counter. I chose a bag from Colombia and was offered a complimentary drip coffee as a bonus. They served an Ethiopia dispensed from a large urn. I wasn’t impressed by the cup to go. However, the beans were quite good when I brewed them the next morning.

In fairness to the business, I was in a hurry and didn’t give them an opportunity to serve me a fresh cup of their finest fare. While in the shop, I couldn’t help notice the baked goods displayed at the counter. They looked delicious, especially the cinnamon rolls. However, I was on my way to swim in the river, so I left with coffee in hand and pastries in my head.

I was fortunate enough to pass near the Mean Mug South location as I left town a couple days later. In need of a coffee for the road, I stopped in for a pour over which did not disappoint. The cinnamon rolls were too tempting this time, so I bought some to take home.

Entrance to outdoor seating at Mean Mug Coffeehouse on West Main St.

Both Mean Mug locations were busy, comfortably nestled in neighborhoods that appeared to be resurging. The buildings were quite different yet both interiors had a feel of businesses that had been repurposed. Based on a rather small sample experience, I have added Mean Mug to my list of places worthy of a return visit. The vibe was welcoming, the coffee was good, and the baked goods were delicious. There is much more I would like to experience.


  1. Me too. I try to steer myself toward local establishments, even if it is just for a quick cup of coffee. My preference is to have the time to sit and enjoy the coffee and people. There is such a variety of shops to experience.


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