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Mean Mug Coffee

During my first day in Chattanooga, I did some shopping in the North Shore area where I found Mean Mug Coffeehouse. My schedule didn’t allow time to fully experience the coffee shop. But I did stop by the Mean Mug which is in a retail area bordered by the Tennessee River and established neighborhoods. Coffee

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Wm Van’s Coffee

A recent trip gave me the opportunity to stop at Wm. Van’s Coffee House in downtown Springfield, Illinois. This was my second visit which gave me a better appreciation for the family-owned café. The shop is located near the state capitol and adjacent to Abraham Lincoln’s home. The interior features a variety of seating options

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Caffeinated Spring Training

Most of my trips to Florida are to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. I usually struggle to find a satisfying cup of coffee in this area. High rent and a transient customer base is not fertile ground for growing a business focused on the bean. I’m not interested in how many flavors of

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