Wm Van’s Coffee

A recent trip gave me the opportunity to stop at Wm. Van’s Coffee House in downtown Springfield, Illinois. This was my second visit which gave me a better appreciation for the family-owned café. The shop is located near the state capitol and adjacent to Abraham Lincoln’s home.

Friendly and efficient staff at Wm Van’s in Springfield, IL

The interior features a variety of seating options in rooms that create private, comfortable spaces to enjoy food, beverages and conversation. The service counter is compact but appears to be designed for staff efficiency. Menus and display cases are close to help patrons make decisions regarding their food and beverage choices.

Drinks include four single origin coffees and local blends

The drink choices are extensive. Brewed coffees and teas, any combination of espresso and milk you could want, hot, cold, flavored, blended, smoothies…you name it. Perhaps a boutique soda or kombucha is more your style. That, too can be found at Wm Van’s.

A nice variety of scratch baked goods compliment the food and beverage menu

On site kitchen staff prepares food from a limited, but interesting menu of breakfast and lunch items. Made from scratch baked goods are offered along with salads and yogurt for a quick bite. Counter staff is friendly and informative, helping to make the experience positive for patrons.

Bacon and egg basket from the kitchen at Wm Van’s

I selected a bacon and egg basket to eat while I enjoyed an Ethiopia pour over in the shop. The coffee was quite good. A pleasing brew served in a heavy ceramic mug. The food looked delicious, nicely browned and presented in a ramekin. Unfortunately, the chef was a bit too liberal with the salt for my taste. I have tried to make similar dishes of single serving muffins with shredded potatoes, meat, cheese and eggs and have found the potatoes challenging to achieve optimal doneness and seasoning. I had completed an Olympic distance triathlon that morning so I justified the additional sodium as electrolyte replenishment.

The coffee was good enough that I ordered a Peru pour over for the road. It, too, was satisfying and proved to be good companion for the journey. Wm. Van’s Coffee House offers a variety of well-crafted beverages, nice selection of food items and a comfortable, centrally-located setting in Springfield, IL. You won’t be disappointed if you go for the coffee and the experience.


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