The Hub

On a recent trip to Memphis, I stopped by The Hub Coffee to check e-mails and grab a caffeinated beverage. My friend Robbie at Dynamite Coffee in Cape Girardeau had told me about The Hub, and their location was between two of my destinations for the day. The location is the first thing that struck me as different from most coffee shops. At 6000 Briarcrest Avenue, the shop shares an address with Highpoint Church. Get the picture of a kiosk stuck in a hallway of a stuffy church building out of your head. The Hub is spacious and bright with a variety of seating options, strong wi-fi and a contemporary, relaxing vibe.

3 interior

Located just off the Ridgeway loop, the Hub is convenient to the Poplar corridor. The building and parking lot made me think the church is a repurposed school. Regardless, the coffee shop is self-contained with a separate entrance and plenty of parking. This is a refreshing contrast to the businesses a couple blocks away on Poplar. The late-morning crowd was a blend of individuals working on their laptops, small groups engaged in informal business meetings, and couples enjoying some time together. There were at least twenty customers in the building while I was there and at no time was it anywhere near capacity.

But enough about all that, I went there for coffee. And The Hub did not disappoint. The menu was simple but had plenty to meet my preferences. I had plenty of time so I ordered a pour over. They featured a couple single origin coffees from reputable roasters Onyx and Cat & Cloud. I tend to like a lighter roast and the barista told me that both selections were light. I chose the African and was thoroughly pleased with the flavor and crisp finish. Equally impressive to me was the presentation and value. A ceramic mug full of coffee plus a small glass carafe was delivered on a wooden board. It was simple, but so am I.

2 carafe

I enjoyed the coffee as I responded to e-mails. Music in the shop was another plus to me as the selection reminded me of a Mumford and friends streaming channel with no commercials. The volume made the songs easy to listen to or tune out as needed.

After finishing the two containers, I took my empties to the counter and told the barista how much I enjoyed the coffee and their shop. Peter was friendly, informative and genuine in our brief conversation that finished with “see you next time.”

Neither of us expected the next time would be three hours later as I was preparing to leave town. Knowing I needed coffee for the ride home, I weighed my options. The displeasure of afternoon coffee from a gas station made a short detour back to The Hub seem like a good decision.

I ordered another pour over. But this time I chose the Central American and let Peter know I’d be putting it a small thermos for the road. He offered to rinse it out and fill it rather than leave that up to me. This was a pleasant surprise that helped fuel my three hour journey home. Great service and thoroughly pleasing coffee will have me looking for opportunities to spend time at The Hub during future trips to Memphis.


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