Parengo Coffee

Parengo Coffee opened a small shop on Malone St. in 2013. It was a comfortable space with counter service and a somewhat detached seating area. Parking and access were a bit limited by the location on Sikeston’s major east-west thoroughfare which is also Highway 62. But Colby Williams and staff built a good business of serving the local community a wide variety of caffeinated beverages. From caramel lattes to single origin espresso, coffee lovers found Parengo ready to meet their needs.

Ethically Sourced Beans

Colby roasted ethically-sourced beans on location and offered a nice variety to his retail customers. He also built commercial and wholesale demand for Parengo branded beans. In 2016 Parengo moved to its current location at 114 E. Front Street. The two locations are less than a block away, yet the new location is much more accessible and connected to the resurgent downtown Sikeston.

Colby is always ready to provide details about the location, the farm or the co-op where the beans originated.

While the roasting and wholesale business was recently sold,the  shop still offers a nice variety of freshly roasted beans under the Parengo brand. Customers can typically choose single origin beans from Africa, Central or South America. On a recent visit I scored a very satisfying Sumatra Atu Lintang Aceh. The beans are thoughtfully sourced and Colby is always ready to provide details about the location, the farm or the co-op where the beans originated.

Comfortable Location

The new location is a very comfortable, welcoming space with soft furniture for those who want to relax or socialize over their beverage of choice. There are small tables for those wanting to caffeinate while they work. A larger round table allows for meetings, collaboration and conversation. Counter-height stools are available if you want to chat with the barista or watch as your drink is prepared. Music is kept at a background level.

Extensive Coffee Drink Menu

Convenient hours every day except Sunday, and an extensive drink menu make it easy for people to choose Parengo for their daily coffee fix. The standard espresso fare is complimented with blender drinks, teas, cold brew and pour over coffees. There are even some locally-created specialty drinks for customers wanting a new taste experience. If somehow the drink you crave is not on the menu, there is a good chance the barista will make it if you can describe it. A small selection of local pastries is available for people wanting something sweet with their drink.

Friendly, Efficient Staff

The staff is efficient in handling the flow of customers. Those in a rush can even phone in their order for a quick pick up. I find it most satisfying to spend some time conversing with Colby over a freshly dripped coffee. He recently finished writing a book, “Small Town Big Money” which is set to release January 8. Colby relates stories of past experiences that illustrate principles and opportunities for entrepreneurs in smaller, local markets. Contact Colby Williams at for details on pre-ordering the book. 

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