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Love the Honesty

Running through the high school parking lot half way through a 9-mile run Saturday morning, I saw this young girl bounding out of a minivan with her siblings. I’d guess her to be about 3 years old and excited to spend a few hours at the field house while her older brother wrestled. Obviously a

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Strange Magic

Alright, who let mom play with my phone while I was running this morning? Returning from a run, I noticed additional letters with accents on my keyboard. Uh, OK. As I typed, every word autocorrected to Dutch words that I’m pretty sure I didn’t mean to say. After a little exploration I found where I

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New Year Goodbye

I said goodbye to a good friend this week. At my age I feel the need to clarify that my friend was just moving away. Larry and I worked together for nearly twenty years. I remember hiring Larry to help with our expanding business. With similar backgrounds, values and hobbies, it was easy for me

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