Strange Magic

Alright, who let mom play with my phone while I was running this morning? Returning from a run, I noticed additional letters with accents on my keyboard. Uh, OK. As I typed, every word autocorrected to Dutch words that I’m pretty sure I didn’t mean to say. After a little exploration I found where I could change the keyboard language. To French. Those were my two choices, Dutch or French. I didn’t run that far. I didn’t even leave Sikeston city limits.

Why mom?

My mother had a similar recurring problem with one of her first touch devices. The languages kept changing on her. She did nothing to make it happen. They just changed. Sure mom. What did you touch? I love my mom. She has many great attributes I would be honored to claim. Technical prowess is not among them. Yes, there is a part of me that fears my transformation into one of my parents has begun.

What happened?

Getting to a place where I could look into what I had done, I found the keyboard language preference buried several screens deep in an app I didn’t know I had. That’s odd enough. But this all happened while my phone was in a belted pouch resting on my, uh hips. So hands-free, behind my back, I navigated the deep recesses of my phone while running. I don’t plan on auditioning for AGT or anything, but that was some strange magic.

More strangeness

That same magic had to be responsible for changing my music from a favorite playlist to the Duran Duran station. I don’t hate Duran Duran, but I’ve never selected their station. They’re kinda like asparagus, a steady diet soon stinks. I had a similar experience last year with my phone strapped to my arm. An ad instructed me to shake my phone to hear Sabrina Carpenter’s new project. What? Who? No. Two songs later I was searching for the buttons to change stations. I guess everything shakes when I run.

Conviction and confession

Which brings me to my next humbling realization. I’m old and not very fast. But occasionally there are people running behind me. To you, I apologize. I obviously don’t know what’s going on behind me when I run. I thought the combination of running and sitting too much had my hips rather tight. But there is evidence of some unnatural motion back there. Again, I apologize.

What a morning!

I started the day grateful to be able to get in a run between rains. Seven miles later I was pondering issues of aging, kinesiology, and interpersonal responsibility. I really just wanted to run. And to my mother, I know you didn’t do it. Happy Mothers’ Day!

DISCLOSURE: To those who follow regularly, both of you. I must disclose that this event didn’t actually occur on Mothers’ Day. It did happen this week but I felt it was appropriate to share this morning. Please excuse the blatant attempt at building views by adding so many tags.

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