Dynamite Coffee

Robbie is passionate about coffee. He and his wife Katie are proprietors of Dynamite Coffee in downtown Cape Girardeau, MO. Together they run a comfortable shop focused on delivering a consistently superior  customer experience. A couple carefully selected varieties of beans are roasted on site and offered at retail as well as a host of extracted beverages. Standard espresso drinks, French press, V60, cold brew and nitro are supplemented with a seasonal menu.

Dy Katie

Dynamite has ample seating and room at the service counter. Staff is friendly, professional and attentive. They seem to intuitively know how to gauge the quantity and content of conversation to make the experience very natural and inviting. Beverages are carefully crafted to their customers’ preferences. Regulars are greeted by name and new customers are welcomed and offered verbal explanations of the drinks available.

d roaster

The roaster is near the counter, but out of the flow of people. Robbie controls the quality of their product, starting with quality beans which he personally roasts in small batches. Adjusting time and temperature, his goal is a profile that accentuates the beans natural attributes. Dynamite rotates their offering of conscientiously sourced beans from different regions, like one from Ethiopia and one from Costa Rica.

Dy Robbie

Participating in industry events and competitions help the staff at Dynamite to grow their knowledge and develop their skills of all things coffee. Beneath the friendly, laid-back people at the counter is a competitive nature that propels them to improve. While some of this is good natured rivalry, the goal is always to bring home something that translates into a better product or experience for their customers.

Dy Sidecar

Two blocks off the Mississippi River in downtown Cape, Dynamite Coffee is a treat for the casual or serious coffee consumer.


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