Spencer’s Coffee

One of the pleasant surprises during a recent trip to Bowling Green, KY was a stop at Spencer’s Coffee. Knowing I would need some caffeine for the long ride home, I selected Spencer’s. The downtown location has an upscale, coffee-shop vibe. Well-appointed and spacious, the shop’s walls are tastefully filled with original artwork, including a variety of prints.

Spacious and comfortable, Spencer’s is a great place to enjoy food and beverage

The coffee did not disappoint as the barista was thorough in determining my preferences and pointing out the differences in the two lighter-roasted beans they stocked. The shop features a nice selection of beans roasted by Sunergos from Louisville. Spencer’s was bustling with Sunday afternoon traffic, and the ample staff did a great job of keeping the beverages flowing.

Knowledgeable, efficient staff contribute to the positive experience at Spencer’s

I ordered an Ethiopia, brewed to order which was a pleasant travel companion for the start of my journey. The display of baked goods and a short, but interesting menu of food items caught my attention. I ordered the Country Club to go and could not have been more pleased. It was actually delivered to my table before the coffee had brewed.

The wheat bread was perfectly toasted and spread sparingly with a layer of red pepper aioli. Thinly sliced turkey and ham were generously stacked with perhaps the best bacon I have eaten in years. The cheese was sufficient without overpowering the meat. Some spring mix and a tomato slice provided just enough greens to say I ate some vegetables. The merits of this sandwich make me want to try everything else on the menu.

As a disclaimer, I will admit that I had just swum a thousand yards at competitive speed plus a sufficient warm up and cool down. It had also been several hours since I consumed a pre-race English muffin with almond butter and jelly. Honestly, the coffee shop’s tabletops may have tasted good with a smear of that aioli. Regardless, the next time I’m in Bowling Green, KY I plan to stop by Spencer’s for coffee and food.

I also bought a bag of Costa Rica La Rosa beans to brew at home. I’ve been well-pleased with the lightly roasted Central America bean which I have mostly extracted as a pour-over. Spencer’s in Bowling Green and Sunergos in Louisville both earn big kudos from the caffeinated athlete.


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