Resolution Challenge

The Resolution Challenge in Cape Girardeau was a great way to start the new year. Over 100 runners, walkers and encouragers came out in support of myTEAM TRIUMPH. The 10K, 5K and 1-mile runs raised funds for the organization focused on providing people of all abilities the opportunity to participate in athletic endeavors. myTEAM TRIUMPH matched teams of three endurance athletes (angels) with people who could not compete independently (captains) to complete the course. This partnership is repeated throughout the year to help build a sense of teamwork and accomplishment.

Nice Swag

While there were no age group awards, all finishers received a nice medal and their choice of a rolled blanket or custom printed neck gaiter. Chili and chicken noodle soup were welcomed post-race treats, along with fruit, pretzels, granola bars and a variety of beverages. The absence of awards didn’t deter people from impressive performances. Luke Beevor turned in a 31:58 time in the 10K run. How fast would he have been if it was a race?

Fast Team

I followed ‘Team Becki’ for much of the 10K route, finally catching them when the group stopped for water a mile and a half from the finish. Angels Joe Windeknecht, Angie Moses and Chellie Jannin picked up the pace with captain Becki Nation at the helm and passed me with a mile left. They kept pushing faster than I was ready to run. Congratulations to them on an awesome finish. I was content to finish about 20 seconds behind them.

Enjoying the Experience

As other teams finished the course, it was hard to tell who was enjoying the experience more, the angels or the captains. It was great to see the Cape running community step up and support the work of myTEAM TRIUMPH. One of the visible signs of community support was displayed at the Cape Girardeau fairgrounds during the run. A new Worksman side by side bicycle will provide a new level of participation for future myTEAM TRIUMPH events and outreach in the community.

Ann Welker and Patti Ansberry finished the Resolution Challenge 10K on meTEAM TRIUMPH’s new side by side bicycle.

Great Event

Debbie Leoni and an awesome group of volunteers organized a great event to build awareness and help fund the meaningful work of myTEAM TRIUMPH. Seeing the local community support the efforts of the organization was a great way to start 2019.

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